Hi, we’re SwipeZilla. A better kind of credit card processing company. 

What is SwipeZilla? We're a new kind of credit card processing company, and we think merchant services should be simple, and profitable... for YOU the merchant.

SwipeZilla replaces traditional processing with a brand new, better model that includes transparent pricing, security, next-day funding AND FREE courses to train you and your staff to grow your business.

That's right, we have created courses that will grow your business and when you upgrade your credit card processing to SwipeZilla, you get free instant access for you and your entire staff to courses like our FREE Sales & Body Language Course.

Want your employees to sell more? We have a course for that!

Want a Copywriter or a new website? We've got a course for that too!

You and your entire staff can access ALL SwipeZilla courses FREE when you become a SwipeZilla Customer Today.

Imagine how different your business would be if you had experts at: Sales, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting & the list goes on…

While I can’t help you find new employees or team members, I CAN train them for you once you have them!

In fact, I’m ready to start training them TODAY! … I’ll even test them to make sure they actually know the information and can deliver results for YOU!

Click here make the switch to SwipeZilla and in a year, your business could be 2.5 to 25 times more in revenue they you are earning right now.

Ask yourself this: What your current processor has done for you lately? Give you free paper?

The SwipeZilla difference is that we are the FIRST and ONLY credit card processing company of it's kind and the only company with mission to make your business grow while increasing your revenue.

So if you haven't seen your processor since the day they signed you up, give SwipeZilla a try today.

There are no contracts and your pricing stays the same - the difference? SwipeZilla helps your business grow more revenue. 

Talk soon,

SwipeZilla Co-Founder

P.S. Even if you DON’T have a “Copywriter” (or even a blog) but you’ve got a great employee that COULD be your “blogger”, “copywriter”, or “sales expert”… This is exactly the training you need to turn your good employee into a skilled expert.

SwipeZilla training can take your business to a whole new level, click here to get started today, or try our FREE Sales & Body Language Course.


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